<i><a href=Fire>
	Fire Insurance covers property and assets; against Fire, Impact damage, Earthquake Fire & Shock, Atmospheric Damage and etc</a></i><i><a href=Marine>
	Marine Cargo insurance covers risk of transportation of goods for imports and exports including inland transportation.</a></i><i><a href=Motor>
	Motor insurance provides comprehensive coverage i. e. accidental damage to vehicle, Theft and Third Party Liability etc</a></i><i><a href=Health>
	Health Insurance covers unexpected diseases Ailments, Surgery, Operations, Out Patients Care and releives Financial pressure</a></i><i><a href=Travel Insurance>
	Travel insurance protects a traveller’s holiday costs against cancellation and interruption and also reimburses medical expenses</a></i><i><a href=Engineering Insurance>
	Engineering/Contractor's All Risk Insurance covers accidenal damage to civil works and contractor plant and equipments</a></i><i><a href=Miscellaneous Insurance>
	Miscellaneous Insurance includes Fidelity Guarantee, Cash in Transit / Safe, Bankers' Blanket Bond, Crop and Personal Accident Insurance etc</a></i>

Atlas Insurance limited is one of the leading insurance companies in Pakistan providing general insurance services in conventional (fire, marine and motor) as well as non- conventional categories (personal accident, health, travel, credit, product liability etc) to a wide range of clientele. The company caters to the unique requirements of its clients by offering specially designed policies.


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